Cat in the Box: Whimsical Rhyming STEM Picture Book  (HC)

Cat in the Box: Whimsical Rhyming STEM Picture Book (HC)

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Understand Schrödinger's Paradox and Quantum Theory with this Whimsical Rhyming Picture Book from the #1 Science Author for Kids (Science Gifts for Nerds, Funny Cat Books). 48-page hardcover book. Finally, a simplified explanation of Schrödinger's cat paradox for quantum mechanics enthusiasts! Have you been lying awake at night pondering quantum superposition? Have you fretted about how to explain its flawed interpretation? Are you a fan of Schrödinger's cat? Or do you know someone who is? This is the book for you! Award-winning physicist, quantum enthusiast and bestselling author of the Baby University series Chris Ferrie, has transformed Schrödinger's paradox into a whimsical poem perfect for science fans or anyone who enjoys using cats and boxes to explain science experiments.